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“There’s a way to do it better. Find it.”

This quote comes from America’s undeniably most brilliant and greatest inventor, Thomas Salva Edison. A self-educated inventor, Edison is credited for the creation and development of a series of devices in various industries.

From the earliest versions of the incandescent light bulb to the phonograph and motion picture cameras, his patent collection was over the 1000 mark. His quote is a retelling of his modus operandi, explaining how he created waves in the realm of modern technology.

Nexgen Ventures, empowered by innovation and driven by possibilities, helps stimulate currents in the sea of the technological landscape. The goal is to make waves that push the boundaries of existing technologies, peaking, and cresting in cutting-edge software solutions that integrate seamlessly into people’s everyday lives.

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Our Story

Necessity is the mother of invention. A figure of speech that has been rendered to the point of being a cliché is yet a truth of life that is ubiquitous across industries and specialties.

This cliché is where Nexgen Ventures’ story begins. A software development company in Florida, Nexgen was born out of a very particular need – the need to drive scalable growth by capitalizing on opportunities present in the rapidly-evolving landscape of technology.

Since pushing boundaries of the existing technological landscape is our motto, we have developed our capabilities to encourage global outreach through our office in Valencia, Spain.


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Take a step into the Future, Today

A Florida & Valencia, Spain based software development company, Nexgen Ventures supports your trajectory of growth, employing an agile development process that you can rely on to deliver cutting edge technology that disrupts the industry in a positive manner.

Our aim is to provide our partners or clients with cutting-edge software solutions, relentlessly pursuing innovation to create futuristic solutions that seamlessly integrate into people’s everyday lives. We pride ourselves on our ability to grasp opportunities that help our partners evolve and combat unprecedented change with uncompromising support.